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Our denture solutions include removable partial dentures for flexibility and implant-retained dentures for enhanced stability, ensuring a complete, confident smile that blends seamlessly with your lifestyle.


Implant Retained Denture

If you do not have any natural teeth remaining the best solution to restore your smile will be an implant retained denture.  These Dentures utilize dental implants for stability and retention, and are the state of the art in total tooth replacement today.  These dentures can be permanently fixed into your mouth, or they can be designed to be removed by the patient. 

Close up view on senior dentures

Removable Partial Dentures

If you have several missing teeth and a more cost effective solution appeals to your budget, a removable partial denture might be the best solution for you. To create a partial, an impression is taken of your remaining teeth and a partial is fabricated by our lab that adheres to your  remaining teeth with clasps. With a partial it is important that the remaining teeth that will be retaining the partial are stable enough to withstand this pressure. Because of this, it is common that some of these remaining teeth may need crowns or other restorations to ensure their strength before they can be used to retain a partial. 

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