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Crown & Bridge

Crowns and bridges are dental restorations that repair and enhance smiles compromised by tooth loss or damage. A crown covers a damaged tooth or implant, while a bridge permanently replaces missing teeth.

Dental crown installation process,


When we examine your teeth and find a structural problem with a tooth we will normally recommend a crown. A crown is simply a man made ceramic replacement for the natural enamel on a tooth. When the natural enamel no longer acts like a “cap” to protect the tooth from breaking or fracturing, this man-made replacement is used to structurally rebuild the tooth. Crowns are computer milled from a ceramic called Zirconium, and with proper care should last a lifetime.

dental bridge


A bridge is a method of permanently replacing missing teeth. A bridge does not come in and out of your mouth, but is permanently cemented into place. We use a crown to replace the enamel on teeth adjacent to the missing tooth or teeth and then join these crowns together with replacement teeth. This restores function to the area of missing teeth, and is a natural looking, comfortable replacement for missing teeth.

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