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For Patients

Insurance Information

Dental insurance is an invaluable tool our office is dedicated to helping you utilize! Dr. May’s clinical team specializes in assisting our patients in getting the most out of their yearly maximum benefit. Our office requires several pieces of vital information to ensure that our patients capitalize on their insurance company’s fiscal obligation.

We can file with any insurance carrier

Our valued patients must understand that Dr. May’s practice will always be considered “out of network” by every insurance company.  This means that we can file and interface with any insurance carrier allowing their insured to choose their own physician.  These policies are usually adorned with the abbreviation “PPO.”  If an insurance policy is labeled an “HMO” plan this usually means that your insurance company has signed a contract with a certain provider and therefore to utilize your insurance benefits the patient is contractually obligated to patronize the before mentioned dentist.

Accuracy is everything

Our insurance specialists cannot negotiate on our patient’s behalf with inaccurate information.  We require all insurance recipients to provide our front office team with current, accurate, and truthful data so our team can do our best to ensure that your benefits are distributed in the best possible manner.